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“ Innovative companies understand that coaching can help career-minded professionals increase their performance at work. They invest in coaching for their senior leaders and high potentials. “


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What People Are Saying

Peter Leung

Kingwave Enterprises Ltd Founder

“Ram has helped me find my direction in my work and personal life. I have been able to redefine the priorities making me happier and more focused; My family and I are closer together. I couldn’t have asked for more in the time we have spent together; meeting Ram has been a life changing event.”

Juliette Freybe

“Thank you for being so open to coming to speak to our women's group in Vancouver, mCentred, in 2012. The idea was to have an Olympic sports coach talk to us about the development of our children in sports, however, the most wonderful outcome of having you speak to us was that you made the focus more about life coaching.”

Alex Bruce

Olympic Team member and fourth place finish 2012

"After being unexpectedly thrust into the quarter finals of the Olympics - I felt really lucky to have Ram on our side as he kept the fear of losing out of our minds and focused on the task at hand. Control the controllables is one of my favorite sayings from him and often have to remind myself of that.”

James Owen Van Ostrand

AAA Washington Nationals, 2008 Olympian, 2011 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, 2012 IBAF Player of the year

"Ram has played a major role in developing the foundation upon which I’ve been able to succeed at some of the highest levels in sport.”

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How many times have you heard someone say ‘I really want________’ ? Its as if once they have


Lately I have gotten into the habit of taking long walks. It seems a great way to start

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On a day to day basis I’m always intrigued by the amount of people who come to me


“The key to life is clearly knowing what you want and why you want it.”

When you’re on the ropes, having a coach who has spilled the same blood in the same mud is essential to getting back on your feet and winning the bout. I will commit to be in your corner and help you achieve your goals.